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For a long-time smoker who is looking into switching to an E-cigarette, similar physical sensation is important. This is no issue with E-cigs, because the smoking sensation is very similar; many smokers can hardly tell the difference between the two. This makes E-cigarettes a wonderful healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. One aspect of the E-cigarette that traditional smokers need to keep in mind when switching is battery charge. In order to make the E-cigs battery last all day, it is necessary to keep a charger handy. These chargers can plug into the wall outlet or even the USB port on your computer. New electronic cigarette users also have to be mindful to keep a full supply of E-liquid cartridges on hand. These cartridges come in many different delicious flavors. Here at Twilight Liquor, we carry a full line of top-of-the-line E-cigarette batteries, chargers, and E-liquid in our louboutin heels shop. So call us today, or visit us to learn more.